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School Model

School Courtyard with Students

Blackall Range Independent School is ‘small by design.’

Our teaching is based on a relationship model. This means that to effectively educate a child, first you must know who you are teaching. Smaller-sized classrooms enable us to do this more effectively with each child.

Multi-age classrooms enable flexibility for the children on their individual learning journey. Areas of learning strength can be pursued beyond their ‘grade’, whilst other areas can be nurtured and supported.

The main learning groups are housed in four separate buildings:

Early Years. ‘Puggles Corner’

Prep & Year 1. 
Teachers: Jodi Swan assisted by Amy Penning

Lower Primary. ‘Possum Hollow’

Year 2 & Year 3.
Teachers: Zoe Stevens assisted by Eva Carless

Primary. ‘Lorikeet Lofthouse’

 Year 4 & Year 5. 
Teachers: Danielle Hicks assisted by Eva Carless & Jenny McColl

High School. ‘The Hub’

Years 6, 7 8 & 9.
Teacher: John Rasumussen assisted by Eva Carless

Senior Years. ‘The Longhouse’

Years 10, 11 & 12.
Teacher: Jennifer Lopes & Jane Britton


Art Projects