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Preps in the Garden

The Blackall Range Independent School strives to create a community of active learners. We encourage awareness and respect for self, others and the environment, a willingness to act and the desire to achieve.

Our ethos is the empowerment of our students and our community through celebration of difference and embracing the diversity of all learners.

Our vision is that just as it takes a village to raise a child, so too does it take an entire school community to create self-motivated, life-long learners. This vision is reflected in our school’s acronym:




Self-motivated Leaners

Blackall Range Independent School is about people and diversity and our concerns are global. Our community is a place of trust and openness, where young and old from different cultural backgrounds are respected for who they are, a place whose ethos is based upon the responsible use of freedom, and where exploration and discovery are related to humanity’s needs for the present and future. BRIS strives to be flexible and evolve, but also provide a feeling of security and purpose to our extended community.

BRIS is a school community in which student-centred education is the goal rather than a label. It allows exploration of individual interests and considers the role of the school in society – a way of extending the school’s human dimension. New learning is presented in many aspects, rather than linear sequence through the integration of broadly-based flexible programs.

Learning must be joyful and challenging, involving and interesting to the students. Learning must be timeless but not fragmented, and be seen for today and tomorrow, embedded in an appreciation of yesterday.

To this end, B.R.I.S. fosters an ethos of intentional community and a culture of social-emotional well-being to provide an environment of learning in which students are supported by the community to grow academically, socially and emotionally.

  • environmental sustainability is central to our ethos and is reflected in our curriculum. We want all our students to understand that they are leaders, and through responsible leadership actions are required to improve the world we live in.
  • individual, diverse leaners working together in a motivated school community is what are educational processes at BRIS strives to foster.
  • parents as partners in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of their child is encouraged during the learning journey at BRIS.
  • professional development is what our teachers commit through continual self-evaluation processes in the delivery of our curriculum. Teachers aspire to uphold the school’s ethos and ensure their teaching is informed by evidence-based best practices.
  • we recognise that learning occurs on many levels and require that all students be engaged in beneficial learning processes that nurture and honour self and others, whether academic, creative or physical.