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Specialist Areas

Whilst ‘small by design’ Blackall Range Independent School is still able to to offer purpose built facilities to ensure children are able to pursue a broad and diverse range of subjects.  Learning areas for Primary, High School and Senior students include an Art Room, Music Room, I.T. Facilities, Library, Kitchen, and a Community Garden.

Art Room

The Arts program has been designed to be intellectually challenging, relevant, and developmentally appropriate. Learning experiences are intended to expose students to a range of art, artists, techniques, mediums and disciplines, including the development of skills such as research, critical thinking, problem solving and peer collaboration.

Central and crucial to the Arts program is the creation of good relationships with the students. Through knowing the students the teacher is able to connect course content (the Australian National Curriculum) to student’s personal interests, thereby increasing motivation and engagement with learning. Through fostering emotional wellbeing and positive self-efficacy in the Art room, it is felt that students will feel more able to be confident in expressing and developing their creativity.

Music Room