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The Staff

Principal and Deputy Principal:

Louise Cameron & John Rasmussen

Teachers for 2019:

Prep – Year 1:

Ms Jodi Swan

Year 2 – Year 3:

Ms Zoe Stevens

Year 4 – Year 5:

Mrs Danielle Hicks

High School Year 6 – Year 7:

Ms Eva Carless

High School Year 8 – Year 9:

Mr John Rasmussen

Senior Year 10 – Year 12:

Ms Jane Britton

Specialist Staff:

Wrenna Hubbard (Art)

Charlotte Bradshaw (Music)

Nadine Giaccotto (Music)

Jason Copeland (Secondary School Mathematics & Science)

Treena Jordan (Kitchen Coordinator)

Richie Farmbrough (Garden Coordinator)

Welfare Officer

Ms Grace Baker

Teacher Aides

Jenny McColl, Amy Penning, Tracey Sims, David Vermeulen & Treena Jordan

Administration Team:

Ms Rebecca Ramsay – Administration Officer/WHS Officer

Mrs Maureen Haycock – Officer Manager/Accounts/Facilities

Mrs Shelly Tome’ – HR Administrator/Bookeeper

Mrs Margaret Symes – School Bus Driver/Co-ordinator

Mr Paul Schnackenburg – I.T. Manager

What the Executive says about the Team…..

We are thrilled to have Louise Cameron come back to join the BRIS team. Louise is a much loved and well known teacher from BRIS. She worked here previously for 10 years and has recently been working with Special Needs students at EQ schools on the Sunshine Coast. Words inadequately describe how fantastic it is to have John and Louise continuing their roles as key members and advocates of our progresssive teaching team that includes Jodi, Zoe, Danielle, Jennifer, Jane, Wrenna and Netty; and of course, the unerring support of Maureen, Shelly, Rebecca and Paul in Administration and IT.  BRIS Staff are a team of passionate, professional people who truly love working with children and building and maintaining honest, respectful relationships with community; laced with a belief in possibilities and a mischievous sense of humour. Not only that – the kids like them ……….a lot !

Please use the drop down menus above to learn more about the individual members of the BRIS team.