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The Executive Committee undertakes a cyclical review of all school policies to ensure relevant governance and compliance requirements of the school are being met.  Consultation and communication with the whole school community is incorporated into this process.


  1. BRIS Mobile Devices Policy (Students)
  2. BRIS Cyber-bullying Policy
  3. BRIS Privacy Policy
  4. BRIS Evacuation – 2009
  5. BRIS Executive Code of Conduct policy 2018
  6. BRIS Executive Conflict of Interest Policy 2018
  7. BRIS_Child_Protection_Policy_2018
  8. BRIS_Child_Risk_Management_Policy_2017
  9. BRIS_Sexual_Harassment_Policy_2017
  10. BRIS Dispute Resolution Policy 2018
  11. Lockdown

Our Constitution

Blackall Range Independent School Constitution – Follow the link to download the document.

Annual Report


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